About Geniies

With a vision to become a key player in the e-Publishing space, we deliver unmatched value to our customers. Geniies, aspires to provide a strategic support system to publishing and media houses worldwide to give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic business landscape.

Since our inception, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a reliable media outsourcing partner for clientele across the globe, and backed by our robust business expansion plans, we are moving towards newer business horizons. And taking us forward is our strong team of experts and our set of values that keep us ahead all the time.

Heading into the future, our focus is “Digital” and we have expanded our portfolio to address the growing digital need of the future and our foray into new digital segments reflects the same.

Our new initiatives are focused on eBooks, e-Publishing, Mobile Application Development, Tablet and e-Reader solutions, Augmented Reality. With a growing engineering and design strength and a strong hold over production environments, we are very extremely excited about our Digital future!

Geniies rapid success in a short span is attributed to the innovative methods, competitive costs and consistent quality of production. Considered a secure company to partner with, we have established an incredible customer retention history. Our detail-oriented approach and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements has helped us deliver the most effective solutions for our clientele while maintaining global quality standards throughout. We have language speaking experts, who can give better support for international clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading global producer and provider
of edutainment, entertainment and edu-content; to give our
customers the most creative and innovative content possible
at optimum cost.

Our Vision

To mark our footprints in the global market as total
solution-providers, and to meet the client’s
expectations at all levels.