Editorial Service in India

Geniies is the pioneers in end-to-end editorial service company in India, with the primary research and learning publishers in the globe with full-time employees supporting a wide range of content processes. Our editorial services are tailored to meet your definite content requirements. They deal with ensuring the quality of content, language proficiency and accuracy of information. Our editorial services include Copy Editing, Copy Marking, Language Editing Services and Indexing etc. We provided editorial service for various clients across the globe, especially US, Uk, Europe, Middle East and APAC and offering editorial services at affordable price.

Copy-Editing Service in India

We are the leading copyediting service provider in India. Our copy editing team comprises highly dedicated and experienced professionals whose experiences range from subbing newspapers to editing research work, databases, periodicals, books and journals. Our editors are drawn from diverse academic disciplines such as law, medicine, finance, science, humanities, journalism and English literature etc. This approach helps us edit any kind of content, efficiently. We provide copyediting service in US, Uk, Europe, Middle East and APAC etc.

Language Editing Service in India

We offer high quality language editing service in India, to educational institutions, researchers throughout the world at highly affordable rates. We take care of all needs required to publish your work in high impact. Our editors are highly qualified academics having a deep knowledge in language editing service for manuscripts in preparation for publishing. We ensure correctness in language by checking spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuations in the entire content. We offer language editing service in US, Uk, Europe, Middle East and APAC.

Indexing Service in India

We are expertise in indexing service in India. We have significant experience in indexing and have a team of indexers who work across various subjects like engineering, medicine, life sciences, chemistry, literature, and finance. We offer indexing using controlled vocabulary and other classification systems. Our indexes add value to the customer’s repository, making it more user-friendly and reducing the time spent in searching and retrieving required data. We provide indexing service in US, Uk, Europe, Middle East and APAC.

Rights and Permissions

Geniies have rights and permissions experts who are experienced in all aspects of research, clearance, and copyright law. We work as team members with our customers, providing custom-made service and offering solutions to complete projects successfully. We specialize in sizable, complex projects and small, quick-turnaround assignments in all disciplines. We work with publishers and individual authors, focusing on our customer’s requirements and budgets while managing schedules for on-time completion.

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